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Discover the remarkable Jewish and Gentile Polish female anti-Nazi Resisters who dared to defy the Third Reich--and survived!  Their stories of valor and intrigue will "inform your mind, lift your spirit, and warm your heart!"

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"I felt the Nazi's bullets whizzing by my ear--and I just kept on running."

For most of my life, I erroneously believed the Polish Jews were all Holocaust victims who went "silently like sheep to the slaughter," and that the Polish Gentiles were all Nazi-sympathizers. I was surprised and gratified to discover the opposite was true.

In reality, there were many thousands of Jewish and Gentile people who actively defied the Nazis. As I discovered their courageous stories, I became particularly interested in the obscure roles that young women played in anti-Nazi resistance.

The amazing people I've met not only changed my life, they also changed my outlook on life. I'm profoundly grateful that I lived long enough to learn how wrong I'd been. I have dedicated the rest of my life to finding, interviewing, celebrating, and sharing the stories of the extraordinary young women who risked everything by refusing to be victims. I hope you'll join me in celebrating them and the invaluable lessons the world still needs to learn.

~ Manya Feldman, 16 years old

Joanne D. Gilbert


Women of Valor

Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich

Through her incredible life-changing investigative journey, Joanne dispelled common misconceptions about the Holocaust.  She discovered irrefutable evidence that tens of thousands of Jews and Polish Gentiles fought heroically to resist Nazi occupation. 


Journey of Discovery & Celebration!

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Joanne D. Gilbert

Before 2010, if anyone had asked me what I'd be doing in my life's 'Third Act,' I would have answered that I'd be a busy grandmother listening to jazz who tended a little garden.

The last thing I would have imagined was that I'd be traveling throughout the world to interview the indomitable Jewish and Gentile women from Poland, who dared to defy the Nazis during the Holocaust.

But that's exactly what happened!  During my personal journey to recognize and celebrate these women, I have been blessed with

profound friendships, essential lessons from their lives, and sheer unbridled joy that never fails to energize my days.

My work has taken me throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.  I have also had the privilege of presenting these stories accompanied by these extraordinary women who leave their audiences awed and inspired.

To expand the celebration of these and other Women of Valor I have created a new Facebook Group called "Celebrating Heroic Women of Valor."  Please join our dynamic, multi-ethnic group.

Public Speaker ~ Holocaust Educator

Author ~ Personal Historian

Reviews for Women of Valor

"This book packs volumes into its 180 pages, not only about four remarkable women but also about Jewish resistance to the Nazis and of Gentile support of many Jews during the second world war – something which is not always cast in a full and accurate light."

"Gilbert’s research led her to realize common misconceptions and {she} clarifies what really happened. It’s a book for all ages, and only wish that it would appear on reading lists in middle and high schools everywhere . . ."

"Gilbert made these accounts, and their historical context, accessible to readers of all ages and levels of Shoah-related knowledge . . . Her Introduction also engages readers and encourages them to place themselves in the shoes of the women they will read about . . ."

“Gilbert immerses readers in the lives of her interviewees;
photographs and helpful notes that provide historical background
are interspersed throughout . . . Taken together, these recollections
are intensely personal and thoughtfully compiled—richly
descriptive of the women’s day-to-day experiences during the war
while also providing historical context . . .Well-researched and
powerful; challenges readers to consider the heroism and struggles
of women’s resistance.”


“Their narratives give substance to issues and conditions that
scholars of the Holocaust have previously identified and described
. . . through this experience, I have a better understanding of the
fact that Poland, with its numerous partisan groups, stands out
among the occupied nations as the exemplar of resistance to the

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